Getting hooked on games!

About 6 years ago I was getting fed up with computers, consoles and mobiles and wanted to find a board game that would gather some friends or family around a table for a bit of a laugh. I didn’t have much knowledge of modern designer board games, granted, but I had confidence that the world must surely have moved on beyond Monopoly and Cluedo (Clue, for our American friends).

I jumped into the Googlemobile and started bashing away and eventually stumbled upon the guys at Shut up & Sit down. I mean sure, nowadays they’ve got a slick website, with great reviews and a very friendly community forum. But back when I clicked on video 1 of season 1, from Paul Dean and Quintin Smith, it had just been released. The quality was a little ropey, but it was still a thing of beauty, it had a charm and style that made an immediate impression on me. But most importantly it contained their review of a game called Citadels and that blew my friggin mind!

All of a sudden here were two guys talking about a type of game I didn’t even know existed! I quickly bought it and became totally absorbed by it, the decisions it forced you to make, the way it made you interested in what everyone else was doing on their turn. It was a cracking little game and it remains a real favourite of mine to this day.

But I’ve since gone on and picked up so many more games. Co-operative games like Pandemic or Forbidden Desert, where you all play as a team against the game itself. Bluffing games like Skull or Sheriff of Nottingham, where you look your friends right in the eye and lie to them! Games where you trade goods, or plot and scheme. Games that see alliances quickly made and then easily broken. Games with hidden traitors who only win if everyone else loses.

I’m still as amazed as ever by the huge variety of game styles out there. There are thousands of board games, many of which are a million miles from the sort of games I’d played in my youth. So if you too haven’t played a board game in a while and are interested in seeing what the fuss is about, why not pop into our next game night and let us show you.