First Board Game night of 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended our first Board Game night of 2018 last night in The Bridge Tavern, Wicklow. We had a ton of fun, so much so that apart from one very blurry photo we forgot to take any pictures!

After a quick game of NMBR9, an excellent tile-laying number puzzle, we decided to go for games with higher player counts. We played Ca$h ‘n’ Guns which is like a Mexican-stand-off generator. Full of greedy bluffing, posturing and waving foam pistols at each other.

After that we’d about 3 games of Captain Sonar, which sees two teams playing as Submarine crews in a frantic real-time chase, shouting at (erm… sorry, communicating with…) your fellow crew to try and find and destroy the other team before they can get to you.

Great craic playing them all and a very enjoyable night. We’ll be back on the 23rd January again so why not come down and join us. We’d be delighted to welcome new and returning players alike!

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